Mobile Cocktail Mixer - Punica

The Name (Punica)

For a long time, we just couldn't find a name for our project, but then, one day we were searching for something we could use for ingredients storage, and we choose 'Punica' bottles because they were big enough to put the pumps inside. Oh man, that day we performed our first test-runs, we just drank such an enormous amount of Punica that we decided to name our cocktail mixer 'Punica'! And what a coincidence that this abbreviation fits just perfectly:
Punica == Portable UNIversal Cocktail Assembler ;-)

About Us

We, Chris, Freed, Marek, Moritz and Weissi, are five 17/18-year old guys from Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg) in Germany where we are going to school.


On January 10th, we saw a story on Linux-Based Bar-Monkey. We read it and thought "Hey, that's a really cool idea", but the problem was: there were no plans, no sourcecode and it was definitely too big!
So, we decided to build our own Mobile Cocktail Mixer.


Please click here to see some pictures of Punica.

Technical details


Main cost: All in all: 400EUR

Additional planned features

Plans, sourcecode?

Questions, Proposals?

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